Our Services
In today’s world, corporate as well as individuals are required to comply with a number of income tax compliances. The Taxation process requires expert knowledge and is time-bound as well as technical. To save the clients from intricacies, we assist them in Taxation Services with our specialized knowledge and expertise. We provide our clients valuable taxation and advisory services that play an integral role in their decision-making and negotiation processes. Our professionals and experts maintain a full report, based on the intelligence, enabling our clients to make sound policy judgment before engaging in any major contracts or alliances. The services are formulated to obtain and delivered within the scheduled time. IBMC delivers a comprehensive, practical approach to tax planning that helps businesses meet their worldwide tax and statutory responsibilities while identifying planning opportunities and providing specialized services to achieve cost efficiencies in line with the company’s risk profile. We believe that the most defensible tax strategies are aligned with the company’s operations and integrated with the overall business plan.

With our technical and consulting experience, we help businesses meet the challenges of multijurisdictional tax operations, including compliance, reporting and risk management for taxes. We help clients transform processes and technologies to enhance efficiencies, align data.

The full range of services includes:
  • Individual - Form B
  • Partnership - Form P
  • Trust - Form T
  • Company - Form C & C-S
  • Society & Association
  • Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Tax Investigation
  • Appeals to Comptroller of Income Tax on tax cases