Our Services
Bookkeeping & Accounting Services
We provide Bookkeeping and Accounting services to small and medium sized businesses with various Bookkeeping and Accounting Softwares to cater for different industries. We provide services for all your Bookkeeping and Accounting needs, whether it is creation of your books from scratch, updating your books periodically, or maintaining them full-time, while saving your time and money and helping you to concentrate on your core business activity. Having industry experience,it helps us to know and understand the issues which you face on a daily basis. IBMC stands on the edifice of core values of honesty, transparency and integrity that have helped us to serve our clients better and build lasting relationships with them. We believe that trust and confidentiality are key elements of a successful outsourcing partnership.

We would be able to offer innovative solutions to clients' requirements for bookkeeping and Accounting Services. Proactive services offered by our team of diligent and talented professionals have led to the expansion and growth of our clientele in the data processing and conversion arena. These clients have appreciated our quest for accuracy and our commitment to provide complete customer satisfaction.

We are a specialised service provider focussed on helping small businesses and individuals meet their accounting, bookkeeping, tax and related needs. By working diligently, we are committed to providing high quality, accurate and personalized services for our client's growing requirements. We understand the challenges small business owners are facing in today's current market. IBMC take pride in designing personalized plans to make your job easier, giving you the tools to focus on what's really important: Building your Success and Business Career.

The full range of services includes:
  • Bookkeeping Services (monthly, quarterly & annually)
  • Accounting (Compilation etc)
  • Internal Audit
  • Audited Report Certified by CPA